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Stay Warm Even in the Coldest Weather with our expert range of Split Air Conditioners

Affordable, and reliable air conditioning solutions… Bayside Comfort Solutions provides top quality air conditioners and complete air conditioning services for homes.

Our products and services include:

•  Supply of new air conditioning units  •  Complete system design   •  Air conditioning installation  •  Maintenance  •  Service and repairs

Finding the Perfect Air Conditioning Unit for You

At Bayside Comfort Solutions, we can help you find the perfect air conditioning unit for your property. We carry top quality equipment from a wide variety of global brands. We’re your Bayside air conditioning specialists and our major Brands are Mitsubishi,Fujitsu, Actron, Daikin.

An Important Choice

Remember that choosing the correct air conditioning for your property is extremely important. Air conditioning not only affects your comfort but it also affects your budget. The correct air conditioning installation can save money in the long run plus improve the value of a property. We install ducted, multi, split system air-conditioner units for both residential and commercial properties.

Multi Head Systems

‘Multi-head’ is the term for a split system with 2 or more indoor units. There is one unit in each room that is able to heat/cool, and one single outdoor unit on the side or at the back of the house. The make/model of multi-head that you choose will depend on how many rooms you need to heat/cool. You can have up to 9 indoor units for each outdoor unit.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Wall Mounted Split Systems

Split systems are comprised of an indoor unit which is installed on an interior wall and an outdoor unit which is placed on an exterior wall of your home. Split systems provide a stylish and convenient solution to heating or cooling single rooms.

Mistubishi Heavy Industries wall mounted units are available in a range of capacities to suit any home, with both reverse cycle and cool only models available.

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Braemar Split & Multi Split System Air Conditioning

Braemar Airvolution™ Split System Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner

Compact, energy efficient and quietly powerful, the Infiniti-Aire™ Inverter Split System
excels at single zone heating and cooling, while also being adaptable to multi split systems.

Braemar Multi-Split System Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner

  • Multi split system air conditioning enables the connection of up to five indoor units to a single outdoor unit.

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