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Ducted Evaporative Cooling is a great choice to cool your Frankston South home. Another is getting Bayside Comfort Solutions to install it.

When choosing a cooling system in Frankston South, there are two things that you need to consider. One is a Ducted Evaporative Cooling System and the other is Bayside Comfort Solutions. The cooling system will give you economical and energy efficient cooling. While we give you the peace of mind of knowing you’re in the best hands on the Mornington Peninsula.

Both are best suited to climates like Australia and will have your family breathing in fresh, clean air, in no time. They both boast extremely low COemissions, while the cooling system adds moisture to the air, even allowing windows and doors to be flung wide open. Needless to say, both are extremely quiet when in operation.

As you’ll find out from Bayside Comfort Solutions, Evaporative Cooling is a ducted cooling system, situated on top of your roof. Ducts connect to rooms in your home, distributing cool air. Evaporative Cooling is the most common form of whole home air conditioning in Melbourne, because of it’s extremely low running costs.

It uses the natural cooling properties of water to lower the temperature of a room, while drawing in fresh air from outside. As the air passes through filter pads in the roof, the air is cooled and directed to rooms in your home. The hotter the air, the better the cooling will be. In fact, the entire volume of air in the house will be refreshed every few minutes, turning outside air into cool fresh air, inside.

We at Bayside Comfort Solutions, will do everything to help you find the perfect air conditioning unit for your home. Our Air Conditioning Repair & Service experts are experienced and chosen for their high-quality workmanship and exemplary customer service. Only carrying top quality equipment and parts for the most reputable global brands. We’re the trusted Bayside air conditioning specialists and look forward to helping you soon.