Evaporative Cooling Frankston

Our evaporative cooling Frankston experts can help show just how much you can accomplish with one of these systems. From having an evaporative cooling system installed, to making sure such a system is being properly cared for, there is no limit to what we can help you with. At Bayside Comfort Solutions, we can show you how to enjoy the many benefits of evaporative cooling. Keep in mind that these benefits can work with wide variety of homes. To be sure, you can also find this system in professional spaces, as well. The flexibility of this system is one of the first things that you should keep in mind.

Upon closer examination, you will find that evaporative cooling can be the best way to beat the heat this summer!

Utilizing evaporation, an evaporative cooling system will work to circulate water. This water will be circulated from your reservoir to your cooling pad. At this point, it is going to become very, very wet. The next thing that happens is that a fan begins to draw air from the outside of the unit. This will come through the dampened pad. Evaporation will then keep the pad reasonably cooled. Obviously, you are going to want a system that will keep the pad properly moisturized at all times.

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What Are The Benefits Of Evaporative Cooling?

Now, you are in a much better position to appreciate the benefits of evaporative cooling in greater detail. If these advantages sound good to you, remember that our evaporative cooling Frankston experts are ready to take you to the next level!

  • Evaporative cooling is generally easier and less costly to install, as far as the system itself is concerned.
  • Evaporative cooling also comes with the benefit of using upwards of 90% less energy during peak periods, as opposed to some of the other systems available to you.
  • Green-friendly HVAC is a big topic these days. To that end, you are going to love everything our evaporative cooling Frankston services has to offer. A new evaporative cooling system can reduce the production of greenhouse gases by as much as eighty percent.



  • Compared to some of the other choices available to you, the operational costs associated with evaporative cooling can potentially be the lowest you will find anywhere.
  • Overall, when it comes to your different cooling options, evaporative cooling in particular uses less energy than many other possibilities.


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