Saving Energy

Generally the best temperature to set your air conditioning to is around 24 – 25°C in summer and 17 -19°C in winter.

You can save considerably on the amount of energy consumed for each 1°C of cooling or heating that you do without. For example when it is 35°C outside, setting your air conditioner to around 25°C, rather than, 22°C, can save a significant amount of energy without your system running constantly.
Balance between comfort and efficiency of the system.

Shade your windows in summer with curtains, awnings, or shutters to reduce heat absorption by up to 80%. Heavy linen curtains with pelmets with also help trap heat in winter. This all helps in reducing the overall running costs of your air conditioning.

If you have a ducted system that is zoned, try and operate the least amount of ones as possible to reduce running cost. The best way to operate a zoned system is the living areas during the day and the bedrooms at night.

For more energy tips, see

Caring for your Air Conditioning Unit

Air conditioning maintenance is always based on individual use. In general you should check the filter once a month and replace the batteries in your remote (where applicable) once a year.

At the same time check the outdoor unit is clear of leaves, shrubs or dirt build up.
To clean, simply brush or hose the outdoor coil.

Serving you air conditioning or heating system every 2 years can help increase the life span of the unit and improve efficiency. Contract our office or go to our website to make a booking.


 The primary purpose of filters is to protect the indoor coil from dust build up which could reduce the overall performance of the air condoner. It is important to regularly check and clean your filer. The majority of service calls are due to a dirty or blocked filter in most cases a service fee is charge even if the air conditioner is under warranty.

Most air conditioners in the spilt
range now have specially treated additional filer that traps fine pollens
ect which greatly helps people suffering from allergies.

Air conditioning maintenance is just one simple monthly operation. Because the air filter in any air conditioner screens out dust and pollen particles, it should be removed regularly and washed.

This simple operation in the individuals unit’s instruction manual.

All filers have limited life span and will need replacing as over time they loose their dust holding capabilities. We recommend replacing the filer in a ducted system every couple of years.


If you system faults reset the system at either the isolation switch located
at the outdoor unit or the circuit breaker in the switchboard. It is important you leave the power off for at least 10 minutes to delete the machines memory.

When the air conditioner runs in heat mode, due to temperature differences between the unit and the outside are, frost will form. If this happens the following will happen.

•The air conditioner stops heating.

•The air conditioner will operate automatically in de-ice mode for up
to an hour.

•Steam and water is produced from
the outdoor unit.

•The system will go back to
normal operation.

Also in heat mode sometimes when the system is initially turned to the system can take up to an hour to start operating.

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