Mitsubishi Avanti 2kW Cool / 2.7kW Heat


MHIAA brings style and innovation into the home with Avanti™ Air Conditioners

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioners Australia (MHIAA) launched the new Avanti™ range bringing an award-winning Italian design to Australian and New Zealand consumers.

Based on MHIAA’s world-class air conditioning technology, the Avanti™ air conditioning range beautifully complements any household interiors, Designed in Italy, a global indicator of quality and perfection in design.

“Air conditioning units are moving away from that standard shape we have known. The Avanti™ range has been designed and developed for the modern home. It is the perfect accessory for all new homes and those wishing to bring elegance and luxury to their living spaces” says interior design expert and MHIAA ambassador, Tara Dennis.

The Avanti™ range of air conditioners boasts elegant smooth curves and rounded corners to suit any home. As one of the quietest models on the market, it is altogether less intrusive and the perfect addition to any home.

Superior next generation refrigerant technology, outlasts and outperforms.
Air Condition any size room in your home and make it your family’s favorite space today. MHIAA’s next generation of R32 refrigerant that offers no harm to the ozone and boasts nearly 70% lower global warming potential rate than it R410A competition.
With its superior R32 qualities it offers your home an amazing energy efficient solution to cooling your family. It has a potential refrigerating effects 1.5times of its R410A competition on the market today. Upgrade your cooling technology today with Intesis ® and control your home remotely with your smartphone.

Mitsubishi Avanti

2kW Cool

2.7kW Heat

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