Braemar Premium Series 6.1KW

Braemar 6.1kw Premium Series Hi-Wall Split System

.Braemar 6.1kw Premium Series Hi-Wall split system  consists of a wall-mounted indoor unit & an outdoor unit. Wall-mounted inverter split system air conditioning  is an ideal solution to heat or cool just one room in your home or office.

Why Braemar?

. Braemar split systems utilise DC inverter technology, which means they automatically regulate the power applied to the compressor to provide more precise climate control, while using less energy.

. Braemar’s premium split system range include 5 models, From 2.6kw to 8kw in cooling capacity. This range is more economical to run than the universal range using up to 9% less energy. As well as offering up to 9% greater efficiency.

. The sleek design of the indoor wall-mounted unit will complement the modern surroundings of your home or office.


7 Fan Settings: Select the most comfortable setting for improved personal comfort.

Wireless Remote Control: Control the room temperature at the position of the remote

3D Airflow, Vertical and horizontal motorised louvers: For comfortably even temperature and air distriution.

1 Watt standby power consumption: Saves money on running costs by lowering energy consumption.

Quiet Mode: Reduces fan speed to ensure air conditioner runs quiet.

Turbo Mode: Achieves comfortable room temperature in the shortest time possible time.

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