Blygold is the global leader in HVAC&R anti-corrosion coatings for more than 40 years over 1 million applications. Our treatment has been used extensively in many sectors in Australia from public infrastructure, schools & universities, hospitals, offices, hotels, retail & residential blocks, through to factories, power plants, agriculture and cold stores. Blygold treatments can be applied to new units pre-installation and to refurbish in-service units on site to restore optimum performance and efficiency and extend the asset life.

Key Benefits:

  • Increased lifespan of coils and casings
  • Higher energy efficiency = energy cost savings
  • Increased Airflow
  • Cleaner Air
  • Ease of maintenance

PoluAL XT heat exchanger protection coating major points of difference as follows:

  • Polyurethane & aluminium composite coating for excellent corrosion & chemical resistance retaining high thermal conductivity
  • PoluAL XT coated panel test: No Damage after 11,000-hours salt spray test
  • PoluAL XT coated Cu-Al sample coil test: No Damage after 4,000-hour acidic salt spray test  
  • Meets NATSPEC requirements for additional coil protection in corrosive locations – coastal / urban / industrial
  • Blygold coatings are applied by our own highly trained applicators
  • Highly Flexible and UV resistant
  • 3rd Party Approved Lab Test reports
  • Extended warranty available
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Standard Coil Protection

PoluAL XT polyurethane-aluminium composite coating: More than 4 x chemical and salt-resistance of standard
factory precoated coils for superior protection in urban and/or moderate salinity coastal conditions. Fully seals
all coil surfaces from the environment and eliminates the susceptibility of copper-aluminium coils to galvanic
corrosion. Allow for 3% capacity reduction. Anti-corrosion coatings alter the surface tension of heat exchanger
fins that may affect water drainage from the coil.

Standard Casings Protection

Polyurethane coating applied over unit casings. Recommended over factory polyester powder coatings
susceptible to rust in moderate salinity coastal areas and industrial environments.

High Coil Protection

Blygold Refamac 3509 primer coat applied to exterior face fins before PoluAL XT topcoat. Additional layer
provides higher degree of protection to the more exposed coil surfaces for outdoor units in shoreline and/or
industrial (external & internal) environments. Allow for 5% capacity reduction.

High Casings Protection

Polyurethane coating of casings per standard protection plus all base panel surfaces including underside
coated polyurethane-recommended for high-salinity locations and heavy industrial conditions.

Mechanical Protection

Polyurethane coating applied to galvanized steel parts in coil compartment including fan frame, fan guards,
panels and brackets – recommended for shoreline, marine, and other high to extreme salinity or industrial

Stainless-steel fasteners

Marine-grade SS316 fasteners to external casings to minimise risk of fastener corrosion & seizing and rust
stains on casings exterior.
# Subject to availability.

PCB Protection

Polyurethane conformal coating of control PCB. Recommended for control electronics failure risk reduction in
marine and other high-salinity and industrial environments.
* Over a safely accessible and uncoated PCB – may not be accessible or feasible over an existing coating