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Invest in Annual Holistic Split Air Conditioning Service in Cranbourne

All residents and business owners in Cranbourne should consider split air conditioning service at least once a year. Those who use their split air conditioners for eight to ten hours or longer every day must consider servicing and preventive maintenance at least twice a year. This is imperative for every brand and type of split air conditioner. This is also regardless of the age and efficiency of the system. You may own a five star system and it may be working just fine. You should still invest in annual holistic split air conditioning service.

Split air conditioners have more components than window systems. There is an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. Both need to be serviced. Any component malfunctioning in either the outdoor or indoor unit will lead to inefficiency and the whole system may break down. There are many reasons why you should invest in yearly split air conditioning service and why it has to be holistic. Let us explore some irrefutable facts.

  • Split air conditioning units have filters. These are responsible for filtering the dust and other particulate matter. How effective the filter is will depend on the type and the micron size it is capable of screening. Cleaning this filter is imperative and also a fairly simple exercise. Many people can clean this filter without hiring any professional split air conditioning service. However, cleaning the filter would be insufficient if you do not clean the outdoor unit. The filter may get clogged and you can wash it under running water. The outdoor unit needs to be thoroughly cleaned for you to experience the good old airflow that you had enjoyed when the air conditioner was new.
  • Split air conditioning units can suffer a myriad of problems in due course of time. The coolant may leak, the motors inside the unit may malfunction, there can be disruption of current through various circuits and the compressor may not work properly. From calibration issues to thermostat not working, you may have one or multiple problems crop up abruptly when the sun is at its scorching best in the peak of summer. Yearly split air conditioning service and a thorough cleaning, maintenance and preventive repair would save you some serious headache and also money. It costs very little to hire a technician for split air conditioning service in Cranbourne compared to being compelled to pay for replacements of faulty components. It is much simpler and relatively inexpensive to tighten the bolts and sort out the pipes so coolant does not leak compared to replacing lost coolant.